Rumor: iPhone Boot Camp listserv confirms January 27th event?

scaled.slate500This just came in through the tip line purporting to know for certain that the iSlate event will happen at the Yerba Buena Center in San Fran on January 27th, just as others have reported. The agenda should include a new SDK (probably iPhone/iSlate 4.0) and that most iPhone apps presumably run on the iSlate.

n addition to the introduction of the iTablet hardware recent rumors have said that a new software development kit for iPhone OS 4.0 could be revealed at the presentation.Tthe new kit may includes a “simulator” that allows developers to adapt their iPhone applications for different screen sizes and resolutions i.e. the iTablet, or whatever it is called:-)

True? False? I have a line in at the boot camp folks but presumably devs would be the first to know what’s up. This could also be a big old shot in the dark by the Boot Camp people. We’ll soon see.

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