PolyTune: The Violent Femmes tune all their guitar strings at once on the bus

You know how when you play someone’s guitar for the first time at a party and one string is way high or low and you start to tune it and find that the guitar is total garbage and can’t be tuned anyway and so you play “Closer to Fine” on an untuned guitar in the corner of the part and people are all like “Who’s the douche playing Indigo Girls in 2010? I think his guitar is out of tune.” Has that ever happened to you? Definitely, right?

Well Polytune tunes all your strings at once. You strum and it tells you which strings are out of tune. You fix those strings, strum again, and then people will never make fun of you again.

The Polytune is shipping in March from TC Electronic and there’s no pricing but I would totally buy this.

via DVICE via Giz