Precision Polling Is A Survey Monkey For The Phone

Precision Polling has launched to provide an easy way to create and launch phone surveys, taking a page from the model that simple online survey sites, like SurveyMonkey, have pioneered. Precision Polling is self-service website that lets you design and run phone surveys start to finish.

You simply create a questionnaire through a web interface, call the site’s hotline to record your voice, and then give the site a list of phone numbers to call. Once those steps have been completed, Precision Polling will start making calls You can also choose between dialing out to a list of people, or letting people call in. It costs the surveyor just 10 cents per call. Users can see data and results in real time via a customized Web-based dashboard. On the backend, the site is using services like Twilio to power its service.

Seattle-based Precision Polling was founded by Gaurav Oberoi and Chuck Groom, who formerly started and sold social money management tool to mobile payments startup Obopay. The pair also recently worked at Xmarks and Amazon.

The startup should be able to gain traction in the space, especially for government and non-profit initiatives. Phone polling is an expensive endeavor and Precision Polling sees to simplify this process.