Microsoft sez that software updates make releasing a new console soon unlikely, unnecessary


You knew this already, but Microsoft told the Guardian at CES last week that there won’t be an Xbox 360 2 (“Xbox 720”) anytime soon. Microsoft would have told me this, too, but I wasn’t able to make my scheduled meeting. (My adidas meeting went much longer than I thought it would, if you want to know why. You probably don’t.) The point is, between software updates and Project Natal, we’re going to be stuck with the Xbox 360 for quite some time.

I remember writing about this a few months ago, that there were no clues, or even rumors, that a new video game system from Sony or Microsoft would be released soon. (The Wii HD is another matter entirely.) I was trying to make the same point, too: that since both the PS3 and Xbox 360 can have their capabilities expanded by adding new software, there’s much less of a reason to release a whole new system. That’s not to say that new systems aren’t in development, just that it won’t be for quite some time before you’re waiting in line at Your Favorite Store to pick up said New System.

It’s tough to overstate how big Microsoft expects Project Natal to be. We’re talking millions of units sold here, not Sega 32X-like sales.

It’s also tough to overstate how many times I’ve heard the song “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas in the past few days.