Dual Electronics' XGPS300 adds a little GPS to your iPod touch


Nope, I’ve never head of Dual Electronics either, but it looks like that’s about to change. Well, it did, in fact, just change, technically speaking. Let’s just get on with it. The XGPS300 is a normal looking cradle-dealie for the iPod touch that grants it the ability to use GPS. Handy, yes. It should be out sometime in the first quarter of this year.

It’s not too hard a concept to explain: you stick your iPod touch inside the cradle and then you’re able to use real life GPS applications. (A special version of NavAtlas will be released alongside the little guy, but you’ll be able to use any GPS app you want. Remember, this is real GPS, not phony GPS; any App should work.)

That’s really it. It’ll run you $179 when it’s released: much cheaper than having to fork over $100 to AT&T every month for an iPhone. But now you’re carrying two devices when you walk about town in the iPod touch and your mobile phone.