It's LOL over folks – Popjam finally deadpools

[UK] That’s that for Popjam then. The site has put up definitive evidence that it’s all over, pictured. For those of you none the wiser, here’s the run-down.

After a few months in stealth mode, Popjam launched in February 2009 as a ’social humour’ site with a the Twitteresque ‘friend/follow’ model of social networking. It was a kind of Twitter-meets-Humour site.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite capture the public’s imagination beyond it’s traffic spike from appearing on Plus, it never integrated with Twitter. This was probably a mistake, as we pointed out.

Co-founder and CEO Alex Tew agrees. He tells me: “We made two key mistakes early on: taking too long to launch, and not integrating with Twitter and/or Facebook from day one”. He’s is now planning his next startup.

Popjam was angel-backed but though no numbers emerged we hear it was in the low six-figures, so not a hugely costly mistake.

UPDATE: Tew adds further comment below. He also says they have cash left from the investment which will go into new projects.