The D-Link Pebble will play your streamed media files on your fancy TV


Squint hard enough and you’ll see the D-Link Pebble, a streaming media player that should play “virtually all” of your media files on your big screen TV. You sync the Pebble up to your network, then plug her into your TV, and off you go.

I’d suggest against too excited, since the device isn’t scheduled for release until… sometime in the first half of this year. It doesn’t get any more specific than that, sorry.

Another thing to complain about: you need an additional dongle to connect the Pebble to an 802.11n wireless network. Granted, your best bet with any sort of streaming device is a hard-wire connection, but that sometimes isn’t an option.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I’ll see if we can’t get better photos of it as the day(s) goes on.