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1DayLater, a feisty time tracking solution from the North East of England

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1DayLater[UK] Tracking time spent on work for clients and customers in order to invoice them correctly can be a real headache for freelancers and companies alike. Which would also explain why time tracking solutions is a very crowded market. But that isn’t stopping 1DayLater, a feisty new startup from the North East of England founded by David and Paul King.

The two brothers say that having worked as freelancers themselves they decided to “scratch their own itch” after finding it hard to keep track of how much time they were spending on behalf of their clients and the difficulty this created when it was time to invoice them. The resulting product, says Paul King, distinguishes itself from the competition, which includes the likes of Toggl, Lets Freckle, Harvest and Klok, through the ability to log time, money and mileage via a single entry, as well as better visualization tools and search, and the browser-based application’s overall ease-of-use.

The service is currently in Beta and will remain free of charge until at least February. After which 1DayLater will cost between £10-20 per month. (Update: There will always be a basic free version, therefore it’s a classic ‘freemium’ play).

72130v2-max-450x4501DayLater also offers a fully documented API so that developers can build additional functionality on top of their data. Outlook integration is already in the pipeline courtesy of the The North East Centre for Digital Innovation’s Codeworks developer scheme.

To-date the company is privately financed – around £20k – based on a 6 month fellowship at Teesside University (Institute of Digital Innovation), other grants and a personally guaranteed EFG (Enterprise Finance Guarantee) bank loan. 1DayLater is hoping to raise additional investment to help fund and accelerate growth and plan to target the North East of England’s new JEREMIE funding that we recently wrote about.

Since founding 1DayLater, the “King Brothers”, as they are known locally, have become very active in as well as a benefactor of the region’s startup scene (see their blog). Local digital initiatives that they are involved in include Teessides Institute of Digital Innovation and Sunderland Software City, both of which 1DayLater is also a case study for. Paul King is also an official North East Ambassador helping to promote the North East as “a great place to live and work.”

Proof of their allegiance to the region, the two brothers recently sprang to the defense of the North East after an article was published in the Telegraph newspaper written by Milo Yiannopoulos (of TechCrunch Europe ‘fame’) entitled “Sun Tech Mission 2009: it’s (still) grim up North” which criticised the area’s limited startup ecosystem. Paul King commented that “rather than being “grim up north” it’s actually an exciting and thriving environment to be starting a business in.”

All of this hasn’t gone unnoticed locally either. 1DayLater was recently voted by the regions largest newspaper as one of the North East of England’s top ten brands.

  • nepsn

    I’ve known the Kings since they were kids – great people, very entrepreneurial. They deserve to succeed.

  • http://1daylater.com Paul King

    Great article – thanks.

    I should just point out that the basic functionality of 1DayLater will always be free, and users will just pay for value adding features.

    Paul King – Director

  • Acts7

    Being from the states we sometimes do things differently than all the chaps across the pond. But one thing we need even in the states is ways to effectively track what our people do on a daily basis. Its been my priviledge to be a part of the early beta. And I must say this is one piece of software that will be a must have once it hits “shelves”.
    The interface is lovely. Updates are a breeze. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This is the Twitter of time management.

  • http://www.LamasaTech.com Mahmoud Elsaid

    Great and quick website.

    Solves the nightmare of keeping track of money spent.

    Its good to track down the time that is being spent on the various projects.
    To be honest, I can’t wait to send records through my mobile!.

    keep it up!

  • KJ Sales

    Excellent article and brilliant product.

    I wish the King Brothers every success although I really don’t think they can fail with this!

  • Paul Temple

    A cracking piece of kit and well thought out, something I find hard to find in some products today. A “canny” website, as we like to say in the north, helps make life a lot easier!

    To the kings of the north – please keep the good work up!

  • Marta

    Brilliant idea and an amazing product, revolutionary yet simple.

  • http://www.100percent-success.co.uk Roy

    A great idea from a dynamic duo. I have been fortunate to meet up with them and they are the business. I wish them every success.

  • Bewob

    I’ll be paying close attention to 1DayLater – it will be interesting to see if the “King Brothers” can take it from a very nice Beta to a stable product.

  • http://craigdeakin.com deakaz

    Glad to see another great start-up from my next of the woods! Its a great idea, and im wishing the guys have great success!

  • http://www.haus-projects.com Georgia Rakusen

    Delighted for the King Brothers’ success with 1DayLater, they have a great approach to clients and partners alike, and I expect to see big things coming their way, both in the region, and nationally.

    Great article, I’ve just started using their slick service (lovely interface btw), and wish them all the best.

    Georgia Rakusen, Haus Projects

  • http://www.davidcoxon.com/blog david coxon

    I provide an internal IT service, so don’t bill my hours, but I have been playing with the beta for over a month now and have built up an amazing model as to how i spend my time. The very act of logging time in itself is a great focuser and the daily,weekly and monthly graphs are providing inspirational insight as to what i can do to improve the way i use my time.

    There is often a tendancy to over develop these sort of ap and with almost a year between first meeting the king brothers at Thinking Digital and getting my hand on their beta, I have to admit I half expected to see something truely awful…but it looks like Paul and David spent their time wisely, really getting to understand time management and making the product as slick as possible rather than adding unnecessary features.

    What they have ended up with, with onedaylater.com is a product that stand out from the crowd for its simplicity and intuitive ease of use without loosing any of its functionality. It certainly gets my vote of approval, it only take a couple of seconds to log a task, I can log and search tasks wherever I happen to be and its free, what more could you want?

    As for the King brothers themselves, well i have a lot of time for the guys. Over the past year i have bumped into them at more that a couple of tech events from the fantastic monthly Supermondays, Thursday Fizz and codework Think and a Drink events to one off events like the TEDx or meeting milo. Like many other people in the North East Tech Scene, they have an infectious energy and enthusiasm, which seems to be driving the North East to be one of the most successful places for start ups in the UK.

  • http://www.bond-solutions.com Derek Curtis

    So easy to use and with the imminent mobile application as well as integration with other software this is going to be a winner. Give it a try and see how simple it is. Well done King boys!

  • http://www.conciseconsult.com Fred Mitchell

    Looks good, will have to give this a go

  • http://www.armintalic.com/ Armin Talic

    I grabbed a beta for this app a few weeks after it was released for testing.

    I probably shouldn’t start out looking for faults, but it helps to know how well an app will be developed in future. For a beta product, I wasn’t able to find any bugs, browser related or otherwise.

    Initially, I mistook it as a GTD application, but soon realised it approaches the problem from the opposite direction. I use ‘Things’ for Mac and iPhone as my GTD apps of choice, but I had no effective way of reviewing time I’d spent on specific actions or events over days / weeks etc…

    1DayLater definitely needs some cut and polish, but the functionality is there, with a novel UI and simplistic approach. It shows what can be done with comparatively very little funding.

  • http://www.dannyking.eu Danny

    I was lucky to get a beta testing account on 1daylater. It’s a fantastic service which I’ve really enjoyed using.

    Time tracking is something I’ve always considered very important but struggled with. Their great interface (fantastically clear graphs of how much time you spent on what) make analysing your day/week/month very easy, and input is painless.


  • http://www.paymo.biz Time Tracking

    Just try Paymo Time Tracking if you want a good free time tracking solution that works.

    • Acts7

      WOW! Some geniuses believe that spam is welcome. (RE: TIME TRACKING’s post) Fortunately for most of us we can spot it. All spam posts like this do is make us further dislike whatever product posted the spam. (AGAIN REFERRING TO THE Pay Mo’ junk post).
      Anyway to remove that comment?

      • http://www.paymo.biz Time Tracking

        It’s not spam, it’s a free alternative from the “crowded market” and it’s full on topic :) cheers m8

      • Acts7

        You know full well your comment had nothing to do with the story except blind promotion for your own product. Should you choose to hijack some else’s article for your own profit thats your choice. But any post that makes no reference to the article except to point to an opposing product is of no value. Were you to say you had tried this product but found a more “cost-effective” product, your weight in water may also hold its value. aye and cheers back at ye m8

  • Ashleigh

    I’d like to echo what Acts7 has said… “This is the Twitter of time management.”

    Can’t think of a better way to describe 1daylater; its sleek, easy to use and stylish.

    Go Team King!

  • Brian

    Know the King Brothers, love their work and their attitude.
    Getting into using 1daylater, and interested in what will be built on top of it as well as it has a very nice, well documented api.


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