Skimble's iPhone App Helps You Track Your Gym Workouts And Outdoor Activities On The Go

We recently wrote about Skimble, an online destination for anyone who wants to plan and track an activity or workout goal. Today, Skimble has launched a free, companion iPhone app to help track sports activities and monitor your athletic progress on the go. You can download the app here.

Skimble’s online and mobile tools let you discover activities, by giving you information on popular outdoor active trips, i.e. a hiking trip to Lake Tahoe; and gym workouts, i.e. indoor rock climbing. You can join one of these trips or you can create your own. When you create a trip, you can create a feed of news and updates about the trip and share the page with other friends. The feed also pulls in any Tweets about the subject of the trip.

Skimble’s app taps into the iPhone GPS to allow users to set your workout and activity trip location and share geotagged “action shots.” Skimble’s activity tracking tool focuses on helping you create a calendar and schedule of your activities, and will chart out your performance based upon time spent on the activity. You can also compare your progress to a friend’s.

Skimble, which was incubated in The Funded’s Founder Institute, was co-founded by Maria Ly and Gabriel Vanrenen.