Gruber on the Tablet


Good old John Gruber. While the rest of us are panting, he sits in the corner, calmly stroking his luxurious beard. He thinks the Tablet is real, the “leaks” and “mock-ups” aren’t real, all of his best sources say Apple’s best designers are incognito, and that Steve loves the project.

From his long, worth-reading post:

Do I think The Tablet is an e-reader? A video player? A web browser? A document viewer? It’s not a matter of or but rather and. I say it is all of these things. It’s a computer.

And so in answer to my central question, regarding why buy The Tablet if you already have an iPhone and a MacBook, my best guess is that ultimately, The Tablet is something you’ll buy instead of a MacBook.

So what are we looking at? It’s another Mac. Straight up. It’s not a better iPod or a better Touch or a better Tablet. It’s a new computer from Apple.

Here’s hoping.