Mozzler Comes Full Circle And Turns Its Realtime News Stream Into A Reader (Private Beta Invites)

Realtime news stream startup Mozzler, which launched at our November Realtime CrunchUp, is bringing more of a news reader feel to its stream search. Mozzler lets you search Twitter, Facebook, and Digg for breaking news. Today it is launching a new way to consume realtime news in private beta which brings the experience back full circle to the look and feel of a typical RSS reader—except that you are not reading RSS feeds directly, you are reading your Twitter and Facebook streams.

The new private beta takes any stories Tweeted out by the people or Lists you follow and expands the into headlines with inline photos and descriptions, much like Brizzly does. It lets you sign in with both your Twitter and Facebook accounts, and merges the two streams. Mozzler founder Chris Were will send invites for the private beta to first 50 people who retweet this post and include the hashtag “#mozzlerbeta.” You can also watch this video demo to find out more.

Mozzler is moving from a realtime news search to more of a stream reader, and enhancing that news stream with photos, headlines and other details it can pull from the underlying links being passed around. When there is no link, the micro-message remains on its own. While this is a better experience for reading news without having to click all over the Web, it does reduce the scanability of just having a list of short Tweets to go through. Stream readers such as Mozzler’s and Brizzly’s are a twist on the traditional RSS readers in that they borrow from their UI, but instead of subscribing to publications, you generally subscribe to people instead and let them share what they are reading no matter what the source.