LouderVoice get its first US customer – user reviews helping businesses during recession

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biz_logo_sidebar[Ireland] Ireland-based LouderVoice, the reviews service and aggregator, has bagged its first US customer, audio specialist Klipsch.

The American company is using LouderVoice’s widget to add user reviews to its site, the first time that they’ve moved away from relying solely on “professional reviews” written in the home audio and gadget press to provide feedback and recommendations.

User reviews don’t just appear on Klipsch’s own site but are also aggregated on LouderVoice.com, which helps with SEO, and accessible through the Irish startup’s Android app.

LouderVoice thinks it’s seeing a trend here too. The recession is forcing businesses to focus on listening to their customers more, says the startup, and to seek out cost effective ways to drive direct sales to their respective sites and cut out any middle person in the process.

As a result, LouderVoice is seeing strong take up by hotels, which caught them by surprise says CEO Conor O’Neill. Hotels are suffering very badly at the moment “and so they are trying to drive as much business on-site as possible to avoid giving away margin to the wholesalers”, he says. The company has signed up an initial batch of four hotels and says that many more are in the pipeline for early next year.

Adding user reviews to a hotel’s own site replicates much of the functionality of hotel booking aggregators which all take a cut, and of course the added SEO juice that LouderVoice claims to provide won’t hurt either. There’s the potential discoverability through the Android app too.

LouderVoice was launched in 2008. The company, which is based in Bandon, Ireland, recently won the Eircom Golden Spider for Best Irish e-Business Site 2009 and is currently raising finance to fund a more aggressive roll out of its B2B offering in Ireland, the UK and USA.

  • http://conversionr.com Merrill

    I’m sure that Loudervoice reviews can increase the conversion rate but I am doubtful that it can really help SEO because of the way Google deal with duplicate content.

    I googled the first sentence of the first review on the Klipsch page you linked to and the only page returned is Loudervoice

  • http://www.loudervoice.com/business Conor O'Neill

    Thanks for the great piece Steve!

    @Merrill Yes, it’s really more about conversion but most businesses tend to use “SEO” as a catch-all to mean “anything that drives traffic”, including even PPC.

  • http://www.puddleducks.ie Aedan Ryan

    Just want to add my congrats to LouderVoice on the new announcement. We have had their reviews on our eCommerce site for over six months now. The reviews have really helped with customer confidence and have led to increased sales conversions. Installing their API on our site was very straightforward. Great people to deal with too.

  • http://www.klipsch.co.uk Tony Bergin

    Hi all,

    We trialled Loudervoice on our UK site before full integration in Europe and the US this year and the experience has been excellent. Our customers are now directly engaging with the brand and providing invaluable feedback which we use in ther development of new consumer products. Having wasted good money in recent years on print media ads to drive brand awareness I’d cite Loudervoice and Facebook ads as being the two most effective and trackable sales tools for us in 2009 and onwards. Keep up the good work and a happy Christmas to all..

  • http://www.mulley.net/2009/12/22/fluffy-links-tuesday-december-22nd-2009/ Fluffy Links – Tuesday December 22nd 2009 « Damien Mulley

    […] Well done LouderVoice with their American deal. […]

  • http://audiofu.comn Paul Nelligan

    Fair play Conor

    as a fellow Corkman who will be launching a startup in 2010, it’s nice to see Cork and Irish startups representing themselves well on a global level :)

  • http://www.dbtwang.com keith bohanna

    Great customer win Conor and the first of many hopefully

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