Another Reason Why I Wish All My Friends Had iPhones: Blipr

I’ll say it right off the bat: there are tons of ways people can communicate from iPhone to iPhone, not in the least by simple SMS or, you know, calling each other.

Then there are iPhone applications like Skype, eBuddy and Nimbuzz that allow you to call and/or IM your friends over the Internet waves, sans extra carrier charges.

Here’s another fun one to add to the mix: Blipr (iTunes link).

When you install the free app, you get a unique BliprID that you can share with your friends. Using that ID, your iPhone-carrying friends can add you to their contact list once they’ve downloaded and installed the software program from the App Store too. Once connected, you can use the tool to send messages to each other, with or without added sound bites.

Since it supports push notifications natively, you’ll soon find that Blipr’s a much more enjoyable – and cheaper – way of communicating with your buddies than sending a text message that cannot include fart, animal, burp sounds or other short audio snippets. The tool also runs in the background, so once turned on you can do anything you want and still receive Blipr messages on your iPhone.

Blipr also supports EMOJI icons if you have them enabled on your device. And finally, you can check the history of your conversations much like you can with text messages, and replay the sounds that came with them.

The small company behind the app, Return7, aims to generate revenue from the app by offering paid sound packs (e.g. Christmas themed audio bites) straight from the app.

Sadly for them, they’ve already jammed so many sounds (over 100) into the free app that there’s little reason for anyone to pay for more.

(Via Orli)