Microsoft Licenses Flight Simulator Technology To Flight1

On the heels of the whole Plurk fiasco, Microsoft has struck a deal to license its visual simulation technology to Flight1 Aviation Technologies, According to a release, Microsoft will be licensing its ESP v1.0 object code, which will let the flight technology company create detailed, customized flight safety, flight training and strategic solutions for its customers.

Microsoft’s ESP, which is a visual simulation software platform, lets users simulate being in various types of vehicles and modes of transport, letting users feel like they are operating the vehicles. Flight1 Tech will use the technology to create visual simulations to help train users to fly planes.

Microsoft also recently licensed its ESP technology to Lockheed Martin, to help train warfighters in battle. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that its Flight Simulator studio was being shut down but it was unclear what the future of the technology would be. It looks like Microsoft will continue to monetize by licensing the technology.