Fancy North Face jackets with built-in iPod controls~!


The North Face makes good stuff, right? (I don’t know, I’m a Rocawear man myself.) Well just in time for winter’s icy grip are two new jackets that feature technology-related accouterments, the Hustle Audio Jacket for men and the Femphonic Audio Jacket for women.

What do they do? They’re fully compatible with your iPod thanks to CONNECTEDwear. That allows you to control said iPod with a series of buttons located on the jacket’s sleeves. The idea is that you don’t have to dig into your pocket and remove your gloves just to change the song. You don’t want your fingers getting cold.

The thing is, these jackets aren’t exactly inexpensive: both cost $350. Considering you can find yourself a nice winter jacket for anywhere from $100-$300 (depending on style and how Italian you want the label to be), I’d be hard pressed to spend that kind of money for the privilege of listening to my iPod.