The Chevy Volt will of course support Blackberry and iPhone apps

GM has a lot riding on the Chevy Volt. It’s not the vehicle that will save the company from failure, (the Chevy Cruze will do that) but it’s huge PR halo car. It will be the car that draws everyone’s attention back to the auto maker and having the car work with a flashy iPhone and Blackberry app should help with that.

Not much is known about the apps right now. In fact, the image above was flashed on the screen during the Volt’s presentation at the L.A. Auto Show. It’s probably a good guess that the meter is referring to the Volt’s batter life and the button might even be able to start up the gasoline engine remotely to charge the battery. But of course apps like these can do so much more.

Mercedes-Benz recently announced its iPhone and Blackberry app that can unlock doors, call for roadside assistance, and even locate the vehicle. No doubt the Volt’s app will be similar, but hopefully doesn’t cost $280 like the MB option.

Don’t expect anything too crazy though. It’s not like GM has the know-how to install a system like the one in James Bond’s BMW 750i.

GM-Volt via Jalopnik