Fon To Distribute Peek In Europe For €99 A Pop

Simple communication gadget Peek is making its way to Europe, courtesy of Spain-based Fon, whose founder and CEO Martin Varsavsky is making the announcement later today at the Le Web conference here in Paris.

Prior to his stage appearance, Varsavsky shared the details of the distribution partnership on his widely read blog.

(See Michael Arrington’s take on it here)

The price of the PeekFon will be €99, and the service will cost €12.9 per month.

Since the company will be dropping the monthly fee for the first 6 months upon launch, the real cost of the service is actually €77.4 per year plus the device purchase price.

Interestingly, there will be no additional roaming charges or contract, which is why Varsavsky refers to it as an all-you-can-eat email service.

It makes the pricing as detailed above very attractive for frequent travelers who depend on e-mail communication for their work tremendously, but only moderately attractive for anyone else. Varsavsky writes that Web browsing, Twitter and other functionalities will be added within the next few months, but for now buyers will need to think of the PeekFon as an e-mail machine with full keyboard.

The PeekFon will be available at starting December 15, and will be available for shipping to all European countries for which shipping is now provided for the company’s Fonera product. Varsavsky writes that the device will also be made available at shops in the United States and Asia if there’s sufficient demand.

Unlike its core business, the FonPeek isn’t a WiFi device, but centered around a GPRS service. The device will be provided by the brand new pan-European MVNO for gadgets Spotnik, of which Fon is the first customer.