Le Web 2009: Appsfire Announces iPhone App Star Award Winners

Here at Le Web in Paris, Appsfire just announced the winners of the App Star Awards, which were handed out by the startup to developers of iPhone applications who came up with some innovative tools for the platform.

Caveat: since these are upcoming apps, they aren’t available on the App Store yet. On the upside, we have demo videos.

You can find the videos of all 35 finalists of the awards here, but the three main winners are:

1. Games: Sketch Nation

Sketch Nation Shooter allows users to create their own games by drawing a player, enemies and a level on a piece of paper and taking a picture of the drawing with their iPhone camera.

Runner up: Extreme SheepDog Trials (YouTube video)

2. Utility: Here FileFile

Here, File File! lets you access your Macs’ files (yes – all of your files from all of your Macs!) from your iPhone wherever you are. Browse files and folders, attached storage, network drives, view your files, stream media, and email your files all from your iPhone. Don’t worry about forgetting a file ever again – access your Mac whenever you need to wherever you are!

Runner up: Baby Bubbles (YouTube video)

3. Entertainment: Cookmate

Ever had a fridge full of food and nothing to eat? Misc items that you’re just not sure how to bring together into a spontaneous and delicious meal? There’s an app for that! And you have found it!

Runner up: ISSUU mobile (YouTube video)