Exemode SQ28m: Cute mini designer digital camera (video)

Japanese camera maker Exemode has developed the SQ28m [JP, the site is currently down], a mini digital camera that’s quite nice design-wise. The device is sized at just 53×23×19mm, weighs21g, can be used with your key chain and is available in red or blue.


The SQ28m features 64MB internal SDRAM, but there’s also a microSD slot that you can feed with 2GB cards. It sports a 1/2.7″ 1.95MP CMOS sensor that lets you shoot JPEGs in 1,280×1,200 and video as Motion JPEG or AVI in 320×240 resolution and at 8fps. You can transfer all material you shot to your computer via USB 1.1.


Exemode is marketing the camera as a pocket-size “lifestyle” device that lets you shoot “artistic and retro-style” pictures and video. It’ll hit Japanese stores on December 12 with a price tag of $70. If you’re interested in getting one, contact import/export specialists Japan Trend Shop, Geek Stuff 4 U or Rinkya.

Here’s an SQ28m demo video: