Backstage With Chad Hurley, Talking About His Ridiculously Cool Life

Forget the on stage interview at Le Web today – we ask the tough (not really) questions of YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley backstage afterwards.

What does one do when the company you’ve cofounded sells to Google for $1.65 billion? You have fun, that’s what. In addition to his full schedule at YouTube, Hurley has invested in a Formula 1 racing team and cofounded a fashion site called Hlaska.

My main question is what Hurley’s going to do next: “Once you’ve blown all the money from YouTube on the race cars and the fashion company what will you do for your next startup to make it all back again?” His answer? Skip to the 1:40 mark.

Off camera I asked Hurley about the whole tattoo thing in Israel. He didn’t have too much too say other than “it was sort of cool,” or something similar.