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We warned Anglo Irish Bank about potential security breach, says startup ExSafe

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exsafe[Ireland] Irish startup ExSafe reckons it has a solution to the problem recently experienced by Duncan Bannatyne of Dragon’s Den fame.

Bannatyne was reportedly one of 500 UK customers affected by a security breach at Anglo Irish Bank when an employee accidentally emailed details of €12.5 billion worth of transactions to an unintended recipient. The spreadsheet in question was sent as an email attachment via an iPhone, something that’s unlikely to have occurred had the bank adopted a cloud-based solution for securely sharing documents, says ExSafe, such as the company’s own offering.

ExSafe competes with a number of US startups, such as Soonr and DropBox, by giving users a way to securely backup, share and track changes to documents – and bypass the limitations of email attachments. The company also offers a BlackBerry client.

At first glance, of course, ExSafe’s boast appears to be nothing more than a bit of opportunistic PR piggybacking – we see quite a bit of that here at TechCrunch Europe – only the company claims to have actually met with the bank two years ago where they were batted away with assurances that this kind of thing could never happen. Except that it did.

As ExSafe’s Tony Prylowski says, “a few red faces today I’m sure.”

  • http://www.exsafe.net Tony Prylowski

    To clarify and apologise. ExSafe met with the bank two years ago to demonstrate our product which at the time was primarily dealing with securing the contents of spreadsheets, cells, rows etc. The ability to prevent data breaches using ExSafe did not exist at that stage within the product, this has only been available this year. The original postings on RTE and BBC websites contained a number of inaccuracies and we do not wish to compound this. I wish to set the record straight and once again apologise to the bank.

    Tony Prylowski


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