Anyone Interested In Buying A Geo-Aware Social IM Service?

RadiusIM, the New York-based startup behind the eponymous location-aware instant messaging service, is actively trying to find a buyer, we’ve confirmed with multiple sources. We first caught wind of the company back in August 2006, and dubbed it ‘another proximity-based IM service’.

The company is not too shy about e-mailing all the usual suspects to see if they’d be interested in acquiring them outright, so either they wanted this to become public knowledge and we’re helping them, or they’re so desperate to find someone to take the service off their hands that they really had no other option left but to contact anyone who could be potentially interested by e-mail. Or both, of course.

RadiusIM bills itself as a social IM service. It’s a web-based application that enables people to communicate with their contacts on instant messaging networks such as Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, Google Talk and Facebook Chat.

The startup saw early on that there would be demand for location-awareness features in communication services and made it possible for users to see where their friends were hanging out and meet new people based on their own geographical location.

Alas, apparently there wasn’t enough traction or enough interested advertisers to make the venture viable, so the company is resorting to e-mailing potential buyers to take over the service and its existing user base (they claim to have over 1 million registered users who have, according to their website, sent almost 2 billion messages to each other since its inception).

We’ve contacted the company for confirmation and/or more information, and will update when we hear back. But radiusIM is now officially on deadpool watch.