Mad Hurricane: Japan's new mini assault robot destroys stuff (video)


Japan’s robot otaku can soon lay their hands on yet another of those electro-mechanical marvels, but this time the robot isn’t cute. No, this new model, made by Tokyo-based robot venture Poseidon, is supposed to be mean for a change. And its name (Mad Hurricane) is pretty bad ass, too.

Mad Hurricane can perform a number of motions: walk in four directions, swirl to the right or left, stand up by himself when he’s on his back or face and, most importantly, kick and punch in six variations. Powered by a battery, the robot stands 40cm tall and weighs 2.4kg. It’s made of aluminum,  has six built-in gyro sensors and a total of 20 joints.


You can control the robot with a remote control and program it to have him perform “personalized” attack patterns, too.

Poseidon says they’ll start manufacturing Mad Hurricane once they get 10 pre-orders. Production will stop after having released 30 units, with each one costing $900.

This video shows Mad Hurricane in action: