Why does Turkish startup Sanalika feature on Google Zeitgeist 2009?

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[Turkey] Yesterday Google published its Zeitgeist 2009 and the fastest rising search terms across the globe caught my attention. I wasn’t at all surprised to see Michael Jackson, Facebook and Twitter featured. Or even Tuenti. But Sanalika which sits just below Twitter and above New Moon.

I checked many blogs covering the Zeitgeist 2009 and a couple of them never even mentioned Sanalika, while others admitted that they didn’t know what it was, including Robin Wauters writing on TechCrunch:

No, I don’t know why so many people searched for a free torpedo, nor do I know what a sanalika or a is, but lists never lie so we’ll take their word for it.

Yes, I too was surprised to see that Sanalika made the list but that’s because it’s a Turkish startup!

So, what is Sanalika?

sanalika_headerSanalika is a virtual world where you can play multiplayer games and join realtime events. It was launched on November 2008 and has already reached over 3 million users.

But how did Sanalika make Google’s Zeitgeist 2009?

Sanalika isn’t yet available in english so that isn’t the reason why it’s become a popular search term. Instead, it’s the way Google is used within the Turkish online community.

Most Turkish Internet users search for the domain or keyword of a website on Google then click on the first search result to go to the actual site. So, when a web service has millions of users it’s inevitably searched for on Google over a million times a day. This doesn’t just affect Sanalika. Facebook is another example too. There are over 14 million Turkish Facebook users which makes Turkey the 3rd largest population on the site, and most of them just search for the word “facebook” on Google and click on the first result. Sometimes the first result is a Google News link about Facebook, which makes the news source’s day with thousands of visitors. I’ve experienced it myself and it feels good!

Anyway, I hope that solves the mystery of why Sanalika shows up on Google’s Zeitgeist 2009.

  • SortiPreneur

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  • Emma Kane

    Someone should tell them about bookmarks..

    • captain awesome

      Bookmarks and order are for wimpy librarian types. A real man uses Google for even searching for his slippers.

      • http://yok burak

        sanalika a very good game, Turkish and English language options available, is developing with each passing day, google has not made a mistake.

      • Alice Koppler

        Are you human? Or just sanalika’s promoter bot?

  • Damien Karras

    You have to try Sanalika before adding comments or complaining about people’s habituate. Sanalika is a wonderful world.

    • Scott - AdRocket

      trending is not a good measure of overall search volume, just ramp. Also, if that’s weird, what about tuenti and torpedo gratis? just as weird.

  • Martin

    Same situation in Bulgaria with :)

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  • Max Niederhofer

    I’d stay away from free torpedoes. Their performance seems distinctly worse than the pro options out there ( and fact is that when you want to blow something up, you want to be sure it’s gone.

    Freemium just doesn’t work in some industries.

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  • Matt Kaushnik

    They are using several botnets (like in ddos attacks) to automate search queries and try to achieve that kind of meaningless results.

    If you compare alexa or google trends for websites for top 10 results you could easly see that sanalika’s traffic is totally fake.

    Sad thing is someone bought their lie and published on techcrunch

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  • http://yok burak

    none of your business, sanalika superb site, very nice, fun. friendships are multilevel…….

  • Benedict Evans

    Torpedo is Brazilian slang for SMS. Rather a nice term, I think.

  • crusher

    LOLzor :)

    The point there about botnets are quite true.
    (Maybe even the vietnamese newspaper is similar)
    But at least we *can* trace those “This website may harm your computer.” things to somewhere (except for forever-trivial russian and chinese evilness).

    Benedict Evans also made a good point. At least I learned another thing today.

    Someone should find a new occupation for this so-called “burak”, however.

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  • Agenor

    The turkish guys didnt even understand the article.. They think that you said bad things about the stupid site of theirs.. (they also believe that it’s a clever site!!)

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