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Little World Gifts to bring virtual gifts to the iPhone just in time for Christmas

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Little-World-Gifts[UK] Liverpool-based Little World Gifts wants to re-define virtual gifts. Only the company doesn’t use that word, instead preferring the term ‘digital gifts’ — these aren’t the typical tiny 2D icons that are gifted on sites like Facebook, they’re 3D, touch-friendly and yes, you’ve guessed it, they run on the iPhone.

Gift shelvesLittle World Gifts will launch in December with its Little World Gifts Christmas Store, a free iPhone (and iPod touch) app that lets you browse the store from which you can purchase those 3D digital gifts. It’s a great example of the kind of offering that wouldn’t have been possible before Apple introduced ‘in-app’ purchasing, although in the case of virtual gifts, this may or may not be a good thing. The screen shot we’ve been sent also suggests that each gift will be priced at £1.19, which seems to be a bit on the high side.

The company isn’t just targeting consumers, however. Little World Gifts told us that they are busy developing a B2B proposition and working with “some pretty high profile brands” to bring branded digital gifts to the iPhone. This makes a lot more sense and could see the iPhone virtual gift market extend to a much larger customer-base depending on the brand. I can also see many of those gifts being given away for free as a marketing vehicle rather than to generate revenue directly.

The six-person startup received seed funding from Northwest Vision and Media’s Regional Attractive Fund, and are currently in the process of securing a Series A round before they roll out the full Little World Gifts offering next year.

Little World Gifts – Demo from Katie Lips on Vimeo.

  • Jonathan Deamer (Little World Gifts)

    Cheers for featuring us Steve – look forward to exchanging gifts with you!

    You’re right, we will be giving some gifts away for free, including a random free one for each new user. Plus gifts will be at a range of prices, with plenty in the (lowest in-app purchase) 59p bracket!

  • Moilo

    Utterly pointless but kind of cool! Hope it does well!

  • Send a Cow

    Looks great, good luck with all your ‘digital-gifts’. We’ve noticed that this year more than ever people are interested in buying Christmas gifts online due to it being so much easier and quicker. If you’re looking for something a little different this year then you might be interested in this Christmas catalogue- – it’s full of great gifts this year and you’ll definitely be able to find something that will appeal to all your different friends & family! There is even a free online game if you have a couple of minutes to spare. Send a Cow :-)

  • james (mjelly)

    Looks like a nice idea. The success of services like Mobile Game Town in Japan and Flirtomatic in the UK suggest that virtual goods and mobile can work well together.

  • gifts

    With the festive season of Christmas closing in many of us take the calm organized approach in knowing exactly what your loved ones and friends wish for. The gifts are probably already wrapped, tagged and stored away, waiting for the 25th to hopefully bring a little joy and big smile to the recipient’s face. Others find this yearly ritual stressful and are probably too busy with their hectic life styles that for them the best way to cope is to do the mad dash for gifts on Christmas Eve. Whichever method of choice works best for you, there is still that decision in making your selection a fitting one for the lucky person in question. Once those gifts are purchased it’s just fingers crossed that duplicate items from other folk are not making their way under the tree. We all want to give and receive something special and different, not the run of the mill pair of socks that you mischievously rewrapped for your dad as an extra little prezzy.

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