This season, crazy monkey shoes are the new hotness at the Chrome OS event

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Velcome, darling! Look what we have for you! Sergey Brin wearing VFF KSOs, CrunchGear’s favorite, as Greg calls them, “crazy monkey shoes.” I’m personally a VFF convert and I’m very impressed that Sergey is willing to walk around in these.

For those not in the know, Vibram Five Fingers are ultralight running/sports shoes with separate pockets for each toe. I wear them running and love them – they fixed quite a few of my running issues after a number of years of abuse. They were popularized by Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run but they’ve been around for a few years. They essentially teach your body how to run barefoot again, just as your ancestors once ran freely through the sylvan woodlands of New Jersey, long, long ago.

My review is here.

They definitely make you look like a freak. However, I suspect the sting of scorn and ridicule is dampened a bit by the fact that the man has billions and billions of dollars. In my case, people just laugh at me when I run and I cry. The sweat hides the tears.

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