Roambi Pro's iPhone App Lets Businesses Visualize Data On The Go

As the iPhone is increasingly used by businesses, more large companies and startups are providing customized productivity apps to serve this community. Roambi, which launched a free app earlier this year, allows for data in spreadsheets and documents to be easily viewed on the iPhone in customizable charts and graphs.

MeLLmo, which has develops Roambi, is making a play for the enterprise market today with the availability of Roambi Pro, a secure, hosted service that lets companies transform data from Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, or business systems like into interactive visualizations that cab be viewed on the iPhone.

Roambi’s web-based platform lets users upload their data from Excel spreadsheets, Google Spreadsheets, HTML table data, CSV files, and Salesforce CRM reports to the online Roambi Pro Publisher. After the data is downloaded, you can select a pre-designed template to deliver the data (i.e. pie chart, graphs etc.). Once published, the data
transforms into interactive visualizations for the iPhone.

The view of the data within Roambi’s app is impressive. Data-filled spreadsheets are automatically turned into interactive graphs and charts which allow you to easily understand the information that’s being delivered. Within graphs, you can also delve deeper into certain data points by simply touching the screen. And the app itself intuitively stores various charts according to subject matter and category, making it easy to access various visualizations quickly and efficiently.

And once you integrate your spreadsheets or database with Roambi’s web platform, you can update any data in a published spreadsheet and the info will be delivered directly to any iPhone user in real-time.

Roambi, which costs $99 per user per year, is meant to allow business professionals to access visualized data from anywhere. While Roambi Pro uses the cloud to host data, MeLLmo assures users that security is optimized for all businesses, with the ability to shut out and add users easily. For businesses which don;t feel comfortable leaving data in the cloud, MeLLmo offers Roambi ES, which uses a scalable on-premise server for enterprises. MeLLmo recently raised $4 million in angel funding from undisclosed investors.