Crowd Campaign Lets Marketers Tap Into The Social Graph To Promote Contests

The Social Collective, a LaunchBox Digital-incubated startup, recently launched to provide event planners and marketers with a cost-effective browser-based service targeted at enhancing the event experience for both attendees and sponsors. The Social Collective even caught the eye of high-profile event organizers and was used during SXSW and Oracle Open World this year. Today, the startup is launching a second product, called Crowd Campaign, to let users easily launch a contest and then leverage the power of their social graph to promote the campaign. We have free one-year premium accounts (worth $5000 for each account) for the first 100 TechCrunch readers who sign up for a campaign and enter the “techcrunch” promo code here.

When setting up a contest via the web-based product, Crowd Campaign offers the ability to customize the contest’s subdomain, upload a logo and background image,write a Terms & Conditions page, set colors and styles, insert Google Analytics tracking code and more. Contest winners can be decided by popular vote or by an “expert panel” or some combination of both. And contests can include text entries, photo or video submissions and links to other content such as blog posts or web site. Crowd Campaign also offers management tools for removing offensive content, merging duplicate entries and tallying entries, votes and page views.

Using oAuth, any user who votes or submits and entry can Tweet it out from the contest’s Crowd Campaign-powered site. Any Tweets published from Crowd Campaign will include a hash tag that the contest author creates for the campaign. And when a brand creates a contest, the platform allows the administrator to Tweet the link and information about the contest directly from the platform.

Crowd Campaign offers a free version for contests containing no more
than 10 entries and/or 100 votes. To increase these limits, contest
managers can pay as little as $95 up to $4,995 for a one-year
unlimited-use license. Considering the current cost of running a contest on Facebook, Crowd Campaign’s offering is appealing and cost-effective. The product is being used for several contests already, including a Web 2.0 Exp0-sponsored contest to ask U.S. Deputy CTO Beth Novak a insightful question.