djay 3 gets a dedicated controller

vestax-spin+djayAnalog vs. Digital. A battle that has lasted for all time (all the time that matters anyway), and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Although a sort of armistice seems to have been called of late, with the rising trend of analog controllers for digital software. algoriddim and Vestax have combined forces to bring you just that, a hardware turntable for their iTunes DJ software, djay 3.

Christened Spin, this “turntable” connects to your Mac with USB, allowing you to control djay 3, and by extension, iTunes, seamlessly. It weighs just a little over 3 pounds, making it a very mobile system. The two jog wheels and various faders allow you to control speed, looping, cue points, effects, and EQ, just as with a traditional DJ rig. There are dedicated mic in and headphone out ports, as well as a pair of stereo RCA jacks for house speakers.

You can pick one of these controllers up exclusively at any Apple Store for $249.95, which includes the djay 3 software. The software standalone price is $49.95.