Listiti marries Twitter lists with e-mail alerts – now with added widgets!

Whether you’re a fan of Twitter’s new list feature or not, it has proven to be a great way to discover people of interest one can mass-follow. But keeping track of Twitter lists can prove cumbersome and overwhelming.

Recently, Listiti launched, combining the concept of Google Alerts with Twitter Lists by sending out e-mail notifications based on the appearance of keywords in tweets from lists you keep track of. This is particularly useful for marketers who’d like to keep track of conversations about a company, product or brand, but only from a specific subset of Twitter users.

Listiti just pushed a new version of the service live, and has added a useful new feature that makes it even more worth checking out: badges.

With the new badges feature, anyone with a blog or website can simply insert a script and drive more followers to given Twitter lists by publishing a widget online. Try it out for our TechCrunch Team Twitter list.

Sure, Twitter boasts its own Twitter Widget, but what makes Listiti unique is that you can create badges that show tweets from certain lists but filtered down based on keywords (e.g. you could create a widget for the TechCrunch Team list but only display tweets that mention the word ‘Facebook’ or ‘exclusive’). Also, Listiti badges come with an option to subscribe to tweets from lists by e-mail.

And once again, a developer finds a way to make something Twitter built even better thanks to the company’s open APIs.

Listiti was built by Belgian entrepreneur Xavier Damman, who just moved to San Francisco to find partners and seed funding for one of his projects (he’s also the guy behind Tweetag).