Flickr Outsources Printing To Snapfish

Flickr and Snapfish have struck a deal to make HP’s photo sharing site (and Flickr competitor) the go-to printing partner for the 40 million Flickr users in the US and international markets.

As Flickr’s “preferred printing partner,” Snapfish will let Flickr users to transfer, organize, and print photos, scrapbooks, and more. Yahoo says that this is the first time Flickr’s international users will have an option to print photos directly from their photostream thanks to Snapfish’s presence in 22 countries. And Flick users can also ship photos to anywhere in the world. But for now, you can only print photos from your account.

Flickr’s online photo organization features, such as Organizr, Sets, and Photo Page, are integrated with Snapfish as well. Members in the U.S. have the option to pick up their prints locally at any of Snapfish’s retail partners’ stores, including Walmart, Walgreens, Staples, Duane Reade, and others retail stores.

It’s unclear what the revenue share is between the two photo sharing sites. HP acquired Snapfish in 2005 days after Yahoo acquired Flickr.

Flickr also recently added people photo tagging and launched an iPhone app. But the popular photo sharing site has come under fire in the past few months for freedom of speech issues and Yahoo’s branding of Flickr. But Flickr has remained a dominant player in the photo sharing space, with more than 4 billion photos uploaded, growing at a rate of 100 million per month.