Who needs the Droid? T-Mobile G1 hacked to run Google Nav


I like to imagine that a special place exists somewhere on the Web where a bunch of unassuming “ordinary” folks get together to solve world technology issues. A brotherhood (that allows women too, of course) of sorts that uniformly scream, “HACK3RS UNITE!,” and then figure out how to stick it to the man. I’m not entirely sure anything that amazing exists, but there is something close – the XDA Developers Forum.

The latest philanthropic project taken on by these fine young men and women was to port Google’s new Navigation app (which comes pre-installed on the DROID) to the original Android Czar, T-Mobile’s G1. And low and behold…they’ve done it!

I don’t pretend to be any type of haxor whatsoever, so instead of trying to explain how to make the port myself (as if I could even make sense of any of it), I’d suggest giving this entire thread a read through. While they’ve outlined the process for all, it’s not for the faint of heart. With that said, let us know how it goes!

[via Engadget Mobile]