Verizon to sell the Droid to New Yorkers extra, extra early


So you’ve lurked the blogs, watched the unboxing, and read the coverage, and you just know: you want your Droid. You already know that most Verizon Stores are opening the doors a bit early at 7 AM to get your your fix – but what if you want it even earlier?

We just got word that a very, very limited number of Verizon stores will start peddling the Droid as soon as the clock ticks over to November 6th, from midnight to 2 a.m. The emphasis here is definitely on “limited”.

As far as we’ve confirmed so far, there’s only one store doing the midnight sale, and it’s right in the heart of New York. If you’re anywhere near the store (located at 134 W 34TH St, New York), go get your camping gear ready; there’s nothing like getting the object of your desire at midnight, excitedly playing with it for 2 minutes, and then caving to the utter exhaustion that standing out in the freezing cold midnight air will cause.