The Beatles remastered catalogue will be released on an apple-shaped USB drive


Yes, that’s a USB drive in the shape of an apple. It’s a limited edition doohickey that contains the entire remastered Beatles catalogue, the same one that was released on September 9. The 16GB drive comes out on December 8 here.

The catalogue is encoded in FLAC, so no worries regarding sound quality. (There’s also an 320 Kbps version on there, in case you want to offload the songs onto your portable device.) Only 30,000 are being made, so best to order right quick if it interests you.

There’s also the usual bonus features you’d expect from such a release, including photos, album art, videos, etc. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but when you consider how allergic The Beatles once were to digital distribution only then does it sink in. That sentence makes no sense, no.

The doohickey will cost $280 when it’s released. Maybe you work at Goldman Sachs and can afford such things?