€5,000 up for grabs for one hopeful Irish startup – thanks to Twitter!

outvesting[Ireland] What started off life as a couple of blog posts and a few tweets and then escalated to a full 140 character-driven fund raising campaign, Outvesting.org has begun inviting applications from Irish entrepreneurs and startups who could benefit from €5,000’s worth of a gifted, no-strings-attached funding.

Outvesting.org is a direct response to the lack of appropriate angel funding and state support in Ireland say its founders, James Corbett and John Keyes. After discussions between the two and others in the Irish startup community, the target of 5,000 euros was agreed as a baseline figure that a bootstrapping startup could do something useful with — and that’s when Twitter came into action.

“We simply asked people to pledge €50 each in the hope that one hundred others would do likewise.  Those pledges came rolling in and in the space of four weeks were converted to donations amounting to the target €5,000”, says Keyes.

Hopeful Irish entrepreneurs can apply now via the Outvesting.org website and the applications will then be reviewed and voted on by those who contributed to the fund. The winner will be announced on December 7th.