BudMate hope to drive finances for Southern Europe

[Serbia] BudMate is a Serbian stealth project which deals with personal finances. The name is effectively a cut-down from “Budget Mate”, which is the working title of the project. The guys behind it are hoping to provide behavior-based personal finance advice and more for the South Eastern European region – although an English/international version may also happen.

Some key features will include: automated personal budget planning, tracking and optimizing personal budget goals, user-generated hints and advices, easy expenditure management with alerts, and advice based on your behavior.

The BudMate founders believe that the best way to manage your finances is to set weekly, monthly or yearly goals for your budget. To meet those, users will have the help of other users (if they want it) and a platform designed to predict a user’s behavior and to suggest the best way to reach their goals. The predictions will be based on a user’s habits and other users with similar habits and goals. Personal budget goals will be easy to track and optimize, and the system will be alerting a user, if the chances of their reaching a goal – like a budget – starts dropping.

While some basic features for personal finance management will be withheld, BudMate is hoping to provide richer user experience and communication with other users in order to meet the goals (save money, invest etc.). Basically, BudMate is about saving money without changing your lifestyle radically.

The project is remaining in stealth mode and no official launch date is planned yet, but it’s planned for mid-2010.

Launch date and other information on BudMate will be available through the BudMate’s Twitter account.