Thanko's non-crappy GPS watch


Tokyo-based Thanko, famous for its plethora of USB-enabled gadgets that make no sense whatsoever, has announced a GPS-enabled watch [JP] today. And this device has a USB (2.0) port, too. It’s compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

The so-called GPS Travel Watch shows your location, can point you to your destination and is designed to work with Google Earth. This means you can switch on the GPS module in the watch before you go hiking, come back and connect it to your PC to let Google Earth display where you’ve been on a map. It’s not the prettiest watch in the world but for a Thanko product, it makes a lot of sense.


Thanko sells the watch for $190 in its Japanese online store, but Akihabara News says Geek Stuff 4 U will list it soon for everybody living outside Japan, too.