Instant translation: Jibbigo Spanish-English translator works in real time


Can you even imagine what it must have been like to be an early explorer? Like, you leave Spain or Portugal on some rickety boat, and arrive in the New World. Cool and all, but, outside of shooting everything in sight, how do you communicate with anybody? What, do you point to the sun and say “sol,” and expect the other guy to repeat “sol”? That can’t be an efficient way to learn a language, especially when it’s, you know, a very real clash of cultures. If only they had (drum roll, please) something like Jibbigo Speech Translator English Spanish, which automatically translates from Spanish into English, and vice-versa.

The $25 iPhone App will take what you say in either language, and spit out the other language in real time. So, say you’re Florentino Perez and need to communicate “fue una derrota muy humillante” to your English friends. Just say the phrase into the iPhone, and it’ll output, “it was a humiliating defeat.” Done and done.

There’s 40,000 phrases in there, so it should totally be sufficient when you’re trying to order some tapas.

Right now, Jibbigo only works with Spanish-English, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see copycats with other languages popping up.

via Macworld