Mobiado 350 Pioneer: Gold, sapphire crystals, all sorts of excessive stuff like that


Oh man, yet another “élite” phone for us to look over and never be able to afford. It’s the Mobiado 350 Pioneer. It looks sort of like an Indiana Jones relic (note: I’ve never seen an Indiana Jones movie), and is part of Mobiado’s Grand Line.

What does it do? Beats me; I doubt it’s any more functional that your average Android phone. It does, however, have 24-karat gold plated screws (wow!), sapphire crystals all over the place, a “ruby infrared screen,” and an aluminum frame.

Only 37 are being made, and it’s available with an English, Arabic, or Cyrillic alphabets. That means it’s designed for the Roman Abramovichs or Sheikh Mansours of the world.

It’s a GSM phone, so I hope you’re not on Verizon or Sprint and trying to buy one of these!

No idea how much is costs. Let’s assume 80 billion dollars and get on with our lives.