Fog-free shower mirror streams music too

00011163-z1I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but this Sharper Image product actually seems to be somewhat useful and – perhaps more importantly — priced reasonably.

Though some may find it to be convergence run amok, the “MP3 Wireless Speaker Fog Free Shower Mirror” kills a fair amount of morning time birds with one stone.

For starters, you’ve got a fog-free shower mirror. Hooray! But this mirror also has a built-in clock so you can keep an eye on how late you’re running. Hooray! Finally, this fog-free mirror with built-in clock also features waterproof speakers and a base station that streams music from your MP3 player up to 100 feet away. Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Oh, you can also “store your razor in the underneath compartment.” Hooray again and whatnot. The whole shebang is priced at $70, too. I would have expected to see it at around $150 or so. Consider me pleasantly surprised.

MP3 Wireless Speaker Fog Free Shower Mirror [Sharper Image via Chip Chick]