Postal worker helps himself to $86,000 worth of Gamefly games


Whoops. Philadelphia-area Gamefly members who have been wondering why in the hell they never got their rented copies of Cooking Mama finally have some answers. The culprit, 34 year old Reginald Johnson of Germantown, PA, stole some 2,200 Gamefly games while working as a mail-processing clerk between April and September of 2008.

The total value of the stolen games is $86,000. Johnson apparently traded many of the games in to GameStop for store credit, as authorities found several consoles and GameStop receipts in his SUV. Oh speaking of his SUV, he sped off in it when federal agents initially tried to arrest him. He eventually crashed the vehicle and took off running before being caught.

He had a duffel bag with him containing 81 Gamefly games and a search of his car turned up 79 additional games along with a bunch of stuff from GameStop. Johnson is facing 12 to 18 months in prison with sentencing to take place on January 13th.

Ex-mail handler admits theft of video games in envelopes [ via Kotaku]