Put.io is an innovative new cloud storage service

[Turkey] Until now, there’s been a lot of chatter about Put.io in the Turkish tech scene – but no-one had seen it. Today they’ve let us in to have a look at the service.

So imagine a service that downloads files from Rapidshare for you, then saves them on your 50GB Put.io account. Or forget about Rapidshare, maybe it collects files from Bittorrent automatically. Here’s an another example. Put.io lets you watch a DivX video online, without downloading it to your computer, in high quality, and listen to your music files inside your browser.

Put.io will be launched as a paid service. The service is in private beta right now, but they soon plan to accept beta users.

And what if I told you that the service will automatically follow RSS feeds that you give it and save the torrents, MP3 and AVI files included in those feeds automatically? The service works totally on the server side, so its download performance is higher than home connections. Put.io downloads 700 MB files in a few minutes and lets you watch them online.

We tried this. So for instance you can paste a link like this into the servie and store the file


A divx fetch test:

A torrent:

Or some RSS feeds:


You can reach your files on put.io via iPhone, iPod Touch, all kinds of smart phones, PSP and PlayStation 3, and even convert video files into MP4 format automatically and watch them with your iPhone if you like.

It’s also social in that it lets you share your files on put.io.

As far as I know the closest other product would be Wuala. But, they’ll probably be competing with box.net, BitTorrent and even P2P clients.

You can follow them via Twitter.