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[Turkey] Until now, there’s been a lot of chatter about Put.io in the Turkish tech scene – but no-one had seen it. Today they’ve let us in to have a look at the service.

So imagine a service that downloads files from Rapidshare for you, then saves them on your 50GB Put.io account. Or forget about Rapidshare, maybe it collects files from Bittorrent automatically. Here’s an another example. Put.io lets you watch a DivX video online, without downloading it to your computer, in high quality, and listen to your music files inside your browser.

Put.io will be launched as a paid service. The service is in private beta right now, but they soon plan to accept beta users.

And what if I told you that the service will automatically follow RSS feeds that you give it and save the torrents, MP3 and AVI files included in those feeds automatically? The service works totally on the server side, so its download performance is higher than home connections. Put.io downloads 700 MB files in a few minutes and lets you watch them online.

We tried this. So for instance you can paste a link like this into the servie and store the file


A divx fetch test:

A torrent:

Or some RSS feeds:


You can reach your files on put.io via iPhone, iPod Touch, all kinds of smart phones, PSP and PlayStation 3, and even convert video files into MP4 format automatically and watch them with your iPhone if you like.

It’s also social in that it lets you share your files on put.io.

As far as I know the closest other product would be Wuala. But, they’ll probably be competing with box.net, BitTorrent and even P2P clients.

You can follow them via Twitter.

  • Frank

    It so makes me smile when I see a new use of technology that makes life easier for consumers *and* will probably make the RIAA and MPAA pop a blood vessel.

    If the pricing is competitive then these guys could pick up a whole bunch of subscribers. It’s like a torrent seed box but with added Rapidshare harvester. Nice.

  • Alvin

    How can we get a beta account? And when the files are downloaded from Rapidshare/torrent to the Put.io database, can we still download the files to our desktop?

    • http://www.uguraydogdu.com Uğur Aydoğdu (jnbn)

      It’s now in private beta and yes we’ll be able to download files directly to our computers ;)

      • Alvin

        Do you have a ball park of what the prices of the services will be like?

    • http://www.ozancaglargil.com Ozan

      You can also download/stream iphone compatible mp4 versions.. brilliant idea!.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nural_Tataoglu/715357705 Nural Tataoglu

        I thing there have to be an option for android compatible versions.)

  • Yogesh

    Won’t it be illegal if it copies movies from bittorrents.

  • Neil Bryant

    Brilliant idea. Actually I thought about it a couple of years ago to (no..really I did!) but gave it up as a life that would spent surrounded by lawyers….

    If this gets traction, it will get sooo much heat. Its like the pirateBay on steriods. Imagine being able to remotely download torrents to a remote account..at the end of the day someone is responsible for owning the downloaded content…..

  • Pete Austin

    Put.io should provide a paid option to load that 50GB onto a memory stick and mail it. Would be faster than my home broadband.

  • http://ozumdencoksevmektir.blogspot.com Aycan

    Actually, I’ve been using Put.io as a beta tester for like a month now,.. Adding new downloads and checking the old ones and putting them in right folders used to take a good one hour of my day,.. Now, I scan good ol’ mininova for like a five minutes and I’m all set for the day.

  • elvirs

    this definitely innovation and definitely will make a pirateted media consumer’s life easier :)
    now when the technology is ready the team should start thinking about coming up with a way to solve the copyright problem. they should take a look at joost model.

  • http://wir-sprechen-online.com/2009/10/15/put-io/ Put.io « Wir sprechen Online.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lois_Arnando/1015190671 Lois Arnando

    Besides the lawyers, would the Rapidshare “harvester” require paid Rapidshare account too ? Because if not, I’m sure Rapidshare wouldn’t like it too that peoples can freely download file from their servers like that.

  • kayoone

    nice idea, but guys, do you honestly think you could use this for illegal downloads? as put.io would be reponsible for that data they wont alow you to do that for a long time, and if they do this will be closed down faster as you can blink.

    Also das rapidshare feature wont work for long, as rapidshare earns their money by people actually visiting the side, not downloading remotly.

  • Tiago

    Is this legal? I don’t think so…

  • Paul

    Shame about the name……it sounds very similar to a spanish word starting with put…..

  • mike adams

    drop.io has an ‘upload via url’ function that works the same way… funny that they are using the .io domain name also

  • person3

    “The service works totally on the server side, so its download performance is higher than home connections. Put.io downloads 700 MB files in a few minutes and lets you watch them online”
    That’s a silly statement – in order for you to watch/stream it you have to download it to your computer anyways – i.e. Put.io, although attractive does nothing to help improve slow home connections…it sounds to me like a suped-up RapidShare….meh

    • http://ozumdencoksevmektir.blogspot.com Aycan

      It cuts down the first downloading process. If your bandwith is enough for streaming, you’ll be enjoying your video in no time,..

  • http://www.binfire.com/ david robins

    Check Binfire.com, http://www.binfire.com . It does a great job with cloud storage and adds collaboration tools on top of that. The basic version is free!

  • williegarwin

    actually a 2mbit connection is enough to stream most HDTV content without disruption. if they get the file fast like they say you’d be able to watch it on a crappy connection

  • kayoone

    are you crazy ? 2mbit is 250kb/s which is nowhere near HDTV quality. 1080p streaming over my lan is more like 6mbps

    • williegarvin

      i meant those divx’s with the HDTV in the filename. you know 350mb ones.

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  • Ian T

    Hmm – interesting choice of name. Connections to prostitution in several european languages….given the service, maybe it’s deliberate ;-)

  • http://phunky.co.uk Phunky

    Apart from the lovely illustration there is no new offerings here – humyo.com has offered all these features for months.

    Although do excuse me if they actually download the files from a torrent, from how i gathered it just downloaded the torrent itself for you.

  • C.b.

    It is very nice and innovative idea. But in Turkey, people don’t think about internet as it has to be a legal media. But they should have been asked legal ways before publishing.

  • http://www.linklockers.co.uk David Kitchenham

    I think this is legal. Storage and lockers like this helps me daily.

  • jacob derwahl

    Well, imageshack (a US company) downloads torrents without apparent legal problems. This certainly looks like a better service. We’ll see.

  • http://tria.webcompany.com.ua/ Max Anter

    Founders of put.io if you see this messege please contact me . E-Mail you can find on our site. I would like to take a little of your time to discuss details that may eventually lead to a proposal.

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