DIY: Secure your data using the Konami code
Ahh the Konami code. Favorite cheat of gamers for years, it lives in legend and will never die. Much like that Rick Astley video. And while it might not be the most secure way to lock your data, it certainly raises your geek cred.

Since it’s all about the geek cred, one of the clever monkeys at Protodojo built a custom flash drive using an NES controller. Not content to just make a cool looking drive (and it is cool, no doubt) the intrepid builder also added a security feature that requires you to enter the aforementioned Konami code in order to access your data.

Now obviously, this is a one off product, and not available for sale. The good news is, if you were slightly dishonest and saw this sitting somewhere and grabbed it, you’d at least know how to access the data.

[via Joystiq]