Walmart launching own pre-paid cell plans

razrLook out Virgin Mobile and Cricket, Walmart is coming for you. The infamous retailer announced today that they are launching their own no-contract cellular service on the 18th, called Straight Talk.

The retail giant has teamed up with TracFone, and is going to be offering two plans: The “All you need” $30 a month version with 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts, and 30mb of mobile web access, or the $45 a month, unlimited voice, data, and texting option.

There doesn’t appear to be an activation fee, but you will have to purchase a phone from Walmart in order to make the service work. There are currently three different phones listed on their site, a bare bones LG200C, a Motorola W285, and a MOTORAZR V3A. Price vary by phone, and by the plan you select of course.

I do have one question however. If you use a Walmart phone to send a picture to people of Walmart, will the network crash?