Threadsy Now Talks Back To Facebook

TechCrunch50 startup Threadsy debuted its all-in-one, web-based communications client a few weeks ago and received positive reviews from the judges and audience, making it as a finalist at the conference. Three weeks later, the startup is already innovating and improving upon its product by launching additional support for Facebook.

Threadsy takes all of your online communication and aggregates it into a single service. All of the messages directed at you (email and Twitter @replies) are put into a single stream of messages, called the “inbound” column. And all of the activity streams that you follow (Twitter, Facebook, etc), is put into a single activity stream, the “unbound” stream. The result is a universal communications platform. Threadsy, which is backed by August Capital, is still in private beta and we have 100 invites for TechCrunch readers here.

Today, Threadsy is launching the ability to integrate Facebook wall posts into the “Inbound” column, letting users comment on active discussions, see attached content, like new items, pictures, videos and links, etc. Previously, you could pull in your news feed from Facebook, but couldn’t interact beyond that. Now, you can post status updates, comment on other friends’ updates and indicate a “like” from Threadsy. Users can also pull in their inbox messages from Facebook, but cannot reply back from Threadsy’s platform.

Threadsy’s founder Rob Goldman says that the startup is also getting a lot of requests from users for deeper chat integration, which they plans on integrating in the platform in the near future. And Goldman says a mobile strategy is huge and an iPhone app and support for other smartphones will be rolled out at some point down the line.

Threadsy also lets you filter and manage your communications stream. You can filter by the type of service (for example, only seeing tweets or Facebook messages). Threadsy, which monetizes via contextual advertisements, is sort of like FriendFeed on steroids. And with FriendFeed’s fate yet to be determined after it was acquired by Facebook, perhaps Threadsy will fill a future gap.