VentNation Offers A Place On The Web To Blow Off Some Steam

Worked up about that traffic jam you had to endure before getting to work? Tired of your spouse’s emotional outbursts or simply annoyed with the rainy weather? Sure, you could head over to Twitter or Facebook to rant away, but you could also visit VentNation, a new place on the Web where you can vent your frustrations out loud using text, video, images or links.

You can choose to do so in a variety of categories, either anonymously or using your own name, and you can even rate other users’ vents by using a slider placed next to each entry. Once you’ve published your rant, you can push it out to a range of other social networks with just a couple of clicks, allowing you to easily share your frustrations with as many friends and family members you can possibly reach on the Internet.

Alternatively, you can simply try to relax a bit and work out any issues you might have on your own or with the help of a professional. Because frankly, I think the last thing the Internet needs at this point is another website that collects rants from frustrated people.