J.D. Power calls Apple best in consumer/business smartphones, LG best in feature phones

According to a J.D. Power study, Apple has been named number one in consumer satisfaction in the consumer and business smartphone market while LG is number one in the traditional feature phone market.

First, a bit of explanation of terms. In this case, a smartphone is a phone with an operating system that is able to run more than the built-in application deck. A feature phone is a phone with a pre-set deck that perhaps can allow downloads but is not considered a smartphone. The Blackberry is a smartphone while the Moto RAZR is a feature phone.

Based on a set of criteria, Apple scored highest over LG and Blackberry in the business category and highest in the consumer smartphone category, over second-place RIM.

LG ranked highest in satisfaction in the feature phone market.


Consumer smartphone users ranked Wi-Fi, touchscreen, and GPS as the most important features in a smartphone and 40 percent of the 1,148 respondents claimed to have replaced their landlines with cell phones. About half download entertainment software while 46 percent have downloaded travel apps like weather and maps.

You can read more about the study here.