The Sarah Palin Xbox 360 is back on eBay with the same $1.1 million price

Seriously? The first time this Xbox 360 was on eBay, someone bid on it, but eBay pulled the auction over legitimacy concerns. But apparently something was worked out and now it’s relisted at the same $1.1 million dollar price. This whole thing, btw, is shitballs crazy and eBay agrees according to a note on the listing.

From the eBay listing,

In an effort for full disclosure about why this item has been listed and re-listed numerous times I will attempt to give a brief description about the events that led to its being de-listed twice, and why it is now up again. Let me first say that EBay DOES NOT endorse this listing in any way, but they are now, to the best of my knowledge, satisfied that all listing requirements have been met.

This item was originally listed on the August 4th, 2009, under the user id dmorrill123 and was de-listed for the following reason: “Insufficient description of the item or no photos of the item.” This problem was remedied by uploading extra pictures and adding some technical information.

This item was again de-listed on August 7th, my original account was suspended, and the item was de-listed for the following reason: “Pay Pal is unable to process a payment of this size”. I have now opened a new account, dmorrill321, and am using a processor other than Pay Pal. To the best of my understanding, all listing requirements have now been met.

This item was again de-listed on October 5th, for the following reasons: “your listing was in violation of eBay’s No Item policy. Listings with the apparent, primary purpose of expressing the seller’s personal views are not permitted.” I am not expressing a personal view with this item and to avoid any confusion on this matter I have taken down the story of how I became the owner of this item. The second reason given: “Unfortunately, we had to remove your listing because the following information violates our policy: Item is listed in Collectibles > Pinbacks, Bobbles, Lunchboxes > Pinbacks > Campaigns, Elections, Politics, but the item being sold is not a pinback, bobble, or lunchbox. A better category for this autographed item would be Collectibles > Autographs > Political > Other.” I have now chosen this new catagory to list under. To the best of my understanding, all listing requirements have now been met.

I don’t how I feel about this. On one hand I would like to see this guy profit off of some crazy right-wing nutjob, but on the other hand it sickens me to think someone has $1.1 million to blow like that. Who knows, maybe after my spot on NCIS last night, my signature is worth something. Maybe I should sign my old iBook and list it for $500k. Any takers?