Sprint announces the Windows Mobile 6.5-based Samsung Intrepid

Screen shot 2009-10-06 at [ October 6 ] 11.53.59 AM

And Windows Mobile 6.5 Day keeps on rollin’! Further proving that the mobile phone industry is complete out of names to use, Sprint and Samsung have just announced a device they’ve decided to dub the “Intrepid”.

While we wouldn’t have guessed it at first glance, that 2.5″ screen is actually a touchscreen. They’ve got a full QWERTY keyboard down below that, with a 3.2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, and microSD slot tucked inside.

As a test, we asked four people what they thought “Intrepid” mean, without allowing them to look it up. One said “Clever”. Two others thought it meant “gross”, or “evil”. One person got it right, with “fearless”. 1/4 people having any clue what the hell you’re going for with the name of your product isn’t too bad, right? Anyone?

Look for the device to hit the shelves this Sunday for $150 bucks after mail-in rebate.