LevelUp Scores: Now Powering Yahoo Mexico's Video Game Channel

LevelUp.com, a Spanish-language video gaming portal that caters to Mexican, Latin American, and US Hispanic markets, has landed a deal with Yahoo! Mexico to power its video game content channel. Update: The company says that it is powering a separate game channel called “Juegos”.

Our English speaking readers may not be familiar with LevelUp, but the site’s parent company Busca Corp is quite well established: it powers Playboy’s Mexican portal, the Spanish-language version of MSN’s Video Game section, and has a deal with Terra Networks. BuscaCorp’s top property is LevelUp, which the company says is Mexico’s top video game website. LevelUp recently broke into the Alexa 2000.

The deal is obviously a big win for LevelUp, which will now be offered as a feed that users can include in their homepage. Links shown in this feed will be directed back to LevelUp, so the site will likely see a big boost in traffic. However, it appears that you’ll have to manually add the feed from Yahoo’s gallery — it isn’t one of the defaults.